776 Magazine

Direction, design, typography, layout, photography, styling, writing/ interviews. 

776 is an original publication highlighting the culture and human conversation that surrounds sports. Particularly focussing on the unusual, under-represented and unique. 

The Australia:USA cover story features interviews with Clara Smith, an Australian national level distance athlete in comparison to the first ever female to run in The Boston Marathon. Reflecting on how far athletics and female sports has come.

Bobby Clark

Type design, branding, creative direction.

An unused concept for the branding and web redesign of Bobby Clark, a Melbourne based artist and photographer.  

Testing Magazine

Direction, design, layout, writing, photography, illustration

Testing is an original publication that aims to explore conceptual photographic editorials, narrative imagery, and longer
form content in general.

It aims to be the antithesis to the short form social media output that currently dominates the online zeitgeist, in favour of a tactile object that will capture a specific time or theme and the amazing cultural contributions that belong to it.

Testing covers everything from music, to fashion, design, architecture, sports, and news. through thought provoking image based story telling.

T Magazine, Sustainable Interiors  

Illustration, Video, Editorial
 Creative & Art Direction, layout, illustration, design, photography, video,

Created During Covid Lockdown. This  Project was a collaboration between the studio Notdesigned and T Magazine on a collection of interior wallpapers, magazine spreads, and promotional video content for the ‘Sustainability’ issue of the magazine.

Both Directions At Once

Space, Branding
Interior, design, wayfinding, light & sound design, 3D modelling, photography

Both Directions At Once is an exhibition of photography with the specific intention to alter the perception of the work depending on the setting of the space and conditions it’s viewed in. 

The design of the gallery space was intended to be fully customiseable in terms of light, colour, sound and orientation; allowing them to combine to influence human emotion with full range and scope creating connection with the viewer.

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