Both Directions At Once 
Exhibition branding and spacial design for a feature of my own photography, video, and editorial work.

The logo and branding was based around my personality and the concept of indecisiveness. It also acted as an interrogation of the theory that music and colour could alter the way in which visual work was perceived.  The logo was replicated as the cross floorplan for the space, dividing it into four separate rooms— each one lit in a different colour.

The sound design for the space was the album ‘Far From Me’ by Bruma, itself based on the effects of music and colour on human experience. Key visual devices were a series of gradients, to work with black and white photography, as well as the design of collateral that must be able to work in at least two orientations.   

Creative direction, branding, spacial design, web design, wayfinding, print collateral, concept development:
Kyle Lewendon