Raw Impact is an Aid organisation that works primarily in Cambodia. They organise and facilitate group volunteering, aid and development projects in and around some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country

Venture arose from a partnership with  Raw Impact, who’s chief problem faced by the volunteers was both; how to create a lasting, effective and positive impact on the people they were trying to help. And how to create an environment and a brand that would attract people that align with their core values, but allow them to have a lasting and visible impact while working with raw impact.  

Our solution was to essentially ‘gameify’ volunteering for the university/highschool age group, using an app that rewards milestones as participants complete stages of their volunteer journey. This ensures that the experience remains personal (including a buddy system), that there is ongoing feedback with visuals after the experience is completed (through the app), and that we could increase the interest in Raw Impact as well as trying to attract participants seeking a more altruistic experience.

Client: Raw Impact
Creative direction, branding, ux design: Kyle Lewendon